Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where should we display our car?

We are planning to display our veggie oil vehicle at the following places. Please comment on them and give us some ideas of other places we should bring our car to teach people about the benefits of Waste Veggie Oil vehicles.

• Downtown
• Other High Schools, elementary schools, junior high
• Museums
• Zoo
• Six Flags
• The Beach
• Navy Pier
• Millenium Park
• Garfield Park
• Humboldt Park
• Kelvin Park
• Palmer square festival
• Chinatown
• Taste of Chicago
• Kiddie Land (Melrose Park)
• Pilsen, 26th street
• Buffets
• Forest Preserve
• Rock and Roll McDonalds
• Church Block party Gap Center
• Cinco de Mayo parade
• Puerto Rican Parade (June 11?)
• Logan Square Farmers Market
• Malls
• North Grand Carnival (Last day of School)
• Fullerton Beach

Thanks from the students of the ASM Biodiesel program

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