Friday, May 30, 2008

Finished Mural

Our mural shows how we recycle used vegetable oil to run our car.

If you look at the hood, you can see what is under the hood, allowing the car to run on WVO.

First, energy from the sun is converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis. Crops like corn and soy use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow.

The corn and soy are pressed into oil and used in local restaurants.

We collect the oil and filter all the crumbs and impurities out so they don't clog the diesel engine. The oil is filtered 4 times through 400 micron, 100 micron, 30 micron, and 15 micron filters.

And that clean oil is what goes into the 15 gal. WVO tank that is mounted in the back of our Benz.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The mural

We are painting the car to show people how it works. One side is full of flowers to illustrate that the Veggie Oil Car is better for the environment than regular cars. The other side of the car shows the energy flow from corn to fryer oil to filtered oil to the WVO tank of our vehicle. The mural on the hood shows the engine modifications we made to convert the car to run on WVO (waste vegetable oil.)


We got to show off the car to an auditorium full of students and instructors from After School Matters. We did a presentation about how the filtration unit works and how energy flows from the sun to plants which are converted to oil and then filtered to run our WVO vehicle.