Friday, March 14, 2008

The Skinny on our Neighborhood Restaurants' Fat

We were originally planning to use the waste vegetable oil from our school cafeteria's deep fryers. In a move to improve the nutritional value of our school lunches, though, CPS stopped using deep fryers and started using baked fries. Fortunately for our project, there is no shortage of used veggie oil in our neighborhood. We have begun collecting oil from our school culinary arts department (Thanks Mr. Chatman) as well as some local restaurants. You can view a Google Map of our neighborhood restaurant partners. We are especially grateful to El Taconazo, Lees Garden and Carnicerias Jimenez for their help and support.


raven ramirez said...

is the fat is good for you ? no it is not health for you it blocks you blood vessel? what is wvo? it is waste vegetable oil.

Anonymous said...

that car looks nice!!students at nghs did art there.did it really work?did u drive it?