Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The mural

We are painting the car to show people how it works. One side is full of flowers to illustrate that the Veggie Oil Car is better for the environment than regular cars. The other side of the car shows the energy flow from corn to fryer oil to filtered oil to the WVO tank of our vehicle. The mural on the hood shows the engine modifications we made to convert the car to run on WVO (waste vegetable oil.)


Dr. Niquie Dworkin said...

Nice mural! Your car is a great idea. I hope the high school students of today help us solve our energy, environmental and other problems before its too late.

Anonymous said...

y'all are BEASTS! Great car! I wanna ride.

Ms. Martin, School Councelor said...

This is a beautiful idea. Our kids can accomplish a lot if they are guided and directed with structure, discipline, love and care. They may not be fully invested in reading per se but something like that where they can use their hands and imagination motivates them. They are someone we all should know. My congratulations and gratitude to you for all your hard work.